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17 October 2013

Saying Goodbye to our German Friends!!

With the kids in German school we had always planned our vacations around when they had their holiday breaks.  They got a two week break for Easter (that is when we went on our Mediterranean cruise) and then they got a two week break in June.  For the break in June we planned our second cruise: A Baltic cruise.  Sadly, we decided this would be a good ending point for the kids and their school (we would only have a few more weeks after the cruise until we moved).  The kids needed to start saying goodbye to their friends, their music teachers, and their school.  Words cannot express how heart-wrenching this was.  We absolutely LOVE the Germans!  We have LOVED our experiences here!  We feel so blessed to have been able to be welcomed into their lives, country, and culture.

I felt like I had to do something BIG
to say goodbye to all the people who helped us along the way, bent over backwards for us to feel comfortable, got us into the German preschool system when we weren't suppose to, helped our girls with their homework daily, helped get us involved with soccer and tennis, and all the many other things that I felt I needed to be recognized.

I went over to my SUPER, AWESOME, AMAZINGLY talented friends house and asked her for help.  Seriously people, she is amazing and I am so grateful I have her as a friend.  She came up with these cute bags and boxes full of cookies with the ties and the little DankeSchon's attached.  I handed these out to almost every German that touched our lives in Germany.  I even handed it out to the little old man, the towns cobbler, who didn't speak any English and I didn't speak any German but we always said Hi to one another and tried to communicate with hand motions.  One day I will be able to thank him properly for what he did for me out there, and how he touched my life.

Our flute teacher from The Czech Rebulic.  She loved my little girl and always made sure I knew how musically talented she was and how special she was.  I remember her pulling me aside (repeatedly) to make sure I was going to keep her in flute lessons so her talent wasn't wasted!

Our piano teacher, who we saw every Tuesday.  This man always had some random story to tell us that we tried desperately to follow but could never understand the entire thing.  It was seriously hilarious!

The Violin teacher!  What violin teacher would drive your daughter an hour each way for three days in a row for her to attend a violin workshop all day?  Actually, who would trust their violin teacher to do that?  We did, and we loved our violin teacher!

Just one of my daughters many school friends.  This little girl with 8 other girls were sooooo great to my little girl!  Honestly, I couldn't have asked for better classmates.  They even threw her a surprise going away party and gave her tons of gifts!  We miss them so much!

These little ones had a love/hate relationship that comes with the age and the gender.  We still talk about going back to Germany and playing together.  I am so glad that she still remembers her but sad that it might not ever happen.

This teary eyed girl had a REALLY hard time saying goodbye to her friends at school.  The gifts eased her pain just a little, but I think she really struggled with moving.  My little girl who read and spoke German better than she did English.

Oh, how my husband misses this lovely car and how fun it was to drive around on the autobahn.

Isn't Germany beautiful!!

And we can't forget Nutella!!  Don't let anyone tell you differently ... the best way to enjoy Nutella is on a spoon.

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