Our Family Story


30 May 2014

A Family in Lederhose & Dirndl's

For 2 Birthday's and a Christmas Paige has only wanted a Dirndl dress from Germany.  It would have been much better if I had know how serious (very serious) she was about this gift when we were still living in Germany.  But I didn't and ordering one online is ridiculously expensive.  So ... the next best thing is having a coworker who owns all of these German clothes.  Yay for good friends!  We borrowed them for our own German Fashion Show.

(after this picture was taken our little man took a VERY long, and much needed, nap) 

Merry Christmas!!

This is the result of our mini family photo shoot ... that we did ourselves.  
We hope you had a great holiday season!  

A Day at the Seattle Zoo (Woodland Park Zoo)

It was military appreciation day at the Seattle Zoo so we decided we better take advantage of the discounted prices and head up there and explore.  We LOVE the Zoo!

We saw just about everything we could possibly see.  Our favorite?  The Bird Feeding!
We purchased bird feeders, basically bird seeds stuck to the end of a popsicle stick, for each kids and let them roam around the enclosed building.  It was so fun to see the looks on their faces when a bird actually landed on their popsicle stick!

Check it out ... Can you see the baby kangaroo peaking out of its mother's pouch to nibble on some grass?  We stood here for a very long time waiting and watching.  I love baby animals.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!
From a fancy Venice Girl, a Scary Witch, Iron Man, a Cheetah, and a darling Monkey!

Ashley Creek Pumpkin Patch

Second attempt to find pumpkins.  This time around it was more successfull.  This little farm was darling and oh, so neat!  Everything was on the honor system and you had to pay in cash.  I love the goodness of people like this!  I just makes you want to tip them and give them a big hug.  They even sold homemade salsa and garlic spreads, which were delish!  The kids loved the different kinds of pumpkins to look at and even found one that resembled a dinosaur egg. 

Pumpkin Patch at Lattin's Farm

Our search party!  
We were in search of the perfect pumpkin ... which we didn't really find since it was too close to closing, too late in the season, and everything was picked over and rotten.  But we definitely had fun looking and getting dirty.

I Miss Germany!

I absolutely LOVED living in Germany.  I miss it dearly now that we are back in the states.  Here are just a few reasons why I would do anything to go back to Germany to live again!

* My children are got an incredible education!  Germans have some serious math skills!  My 2nd and 4th graders were given the most abstract math questions that even I didn't understand.  It's also just plain cool that 4 of my children understand German,  3 of those can speak it very well, and 2 of those are fluent and are being taught and tested in German grammar.

* Saying "Guten Morgan" every morning.  Some say the German culture is cold and unfriendly but I have to strongly disagree.  Every morning when I took my children to the kindergarten everyone says Morgen, which is Good Morning.  Unfortunately, when someone didn't make eye contact with me and/or didn't greet me with a "Morgen" they are usually American.  Isn't that ironic?!  And sad?!

* Driving!  Oh how I love how organized German driving is!  Everyone drives on the right except to pass.  Yes, you are suppose to do that here in the U.S. but nobody does it. Ever.

* The Bakery's!  YUM!  They have the most delicious pastries and breads.  Every Tuesday after school I took the kids to the bakery.  We came to love that tradition and miss it so much.

* Family Time!  Life was more simple over in Germany.  Life wasn't so hectic and chaotic.  I feel like I'm running around like a crazy lady most of the time here.  I miss our simple, family-oriented, life. 

* Kid Activities were CHEAP over in Germany.  My kids (the three oldest) took tennis lessons for 6 months for only 30 Euro.  Soccer was basically free since we couldn't sign a year contract with them. The Germans bent over backwards to help us out, they just wanted the kids to have fun and learn how to play soccer.

* Traveling!!  Oh, how I miss traveling!  I miss the beautiful sites and the little towns rich with history.  I miss driving 2 hours to Prague and 4 hours to Poland to buy Polish pottery.  I miss researching things to see and having the ability to go and actually see it.  I love Europe!

* The people!  I miss the connection and the kindness.  I miss the love and the sincerity.  I miss the feeling of deep, rich, friendship.  I miss the feeling of going to church and knowing that anyone in the congregation would help you with anything you asked because we were there to support and love one another.  We were away from family so we were each others 'family', each others support system.  I miss feeling the wonderful and beautiful spirit of the German Saints that willingly give everything to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I miss seeing and feeling their strong testimony through their eyes and their kindness in serving.