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17 September 2012

LDS Preston Temple and The Lakes District

The day before, as we toured around the Cotswolds, our little 10 yr old started throwing up and continued for a good 24 hours, all through the night and into the next day.  The next morning I started throwing up and did the same thing as she did.  On our way up to the Lake's District in the Northern part of England we decided to stop here, the Preston, England LDS temple.  Both of us were still pretty sick and low on energy.  I'm so glad that we stopped here because from here on out we just kept getting better and better and were completely fine that evening at dinner.  Isn't it pretty?!

England's Lakes District

Newland's Valley (above)

Castlerigg Stone Circle
Another 5,000 yr old stone circle.  There are so many of these here it's incredible.  This one is 90 feet across, and was used as a calendar, and ritual celebrations like so many others.

This picture makes me laugh.  He was standing like this forever and then finally he told us to take the picture fast because he couldn't hold it anymore.

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Bleheim Palace

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site!
Blenheim Palace is where the Duke of  Marlborough's still lives.

For more information go here:

It was originally a gift to John Churchill (the first Duke of Marlborough's) from Queen Anne for his victory of the Batte of Blenheim in the 18th c.
It is also important because another Churchill was born here - Winston Churchill who won the Battle of Britain in the 20th c.

This place was perfect for the kids - it's a 2000 acre yard!  WOW!
We rode the train from the palace to the kid's zone (I guess) where there was a butterfly building and the kids went crazy with all the butterfly's landing on them, a huge outdoor chess game with the pieces the size of a five yr old, and one of the world's largest 'symbolic hedge maze'.  It was a highlight for the kids to run through the maze.

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A Day in Bath, England

This is/was our guide for the day!  I was extremely impressed with her.  She totally reminded me of my mom's best friends who has since passed away.  She was super friendly, a GREAT story teller, didn't care that she was running late because she wanted to give us the best experience she could give, and she loved me kids! The kids had a wonderful time in Bath due to this lovely lady.  I wish I had a better picture of her but she was in the middle of a dramatic story and that is how I wish to remember her.

This picture cracks me up.  Here Evan is playing "how many fingers am I holding up?" and Emi is totally cheating behind him and telling us the number.  She pretty much learned that from me.  You're welcome kiddos!

In the background is the Abbey

The kids at the Roman Baths!  Such a neat place!  The Romans even created a steam room!  Genius!

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14 September 2012

Windsor ... Avebury ... Stonehenge

From London we visited Windsor Castle - Queen Elizabeth has a Doll House that is unbelievable here! The plates on the dinning table are made of real silver, and the paintings are just miniature paintings from large ones that their family owns, as well as the furniture (just smaller versions of what they really had in their homes).  The girls loved the Doll House.  Evan loved all the art displays around the castle made from  swords, guns and knights armor!

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I love the above picture because if you are able to zoom in on the guards face you can tell that he is looking down at Kenneth - so funny!

From Windsor we drove to Avebury - it is similar to stonehenge but older and a lot more spread out.  It is this cute little town with thatched roof tops and fields of these circular stones.  The sheep graze in all of the fields so you have to be really careful where you walk.  The kids loved running around these fields after being stuck in the car driving around!

Daddy with the kids!

From Avebury we went to Stonehenge - It is literally right off the highway!  They have put up a fence around it so you can't go right up to it and touch it like Avebury but it makes you feel like your the only one there visiting which is really nice (especially for pictures).  I love this little girl - she is such a character!

Our last stop was sort of last minute ... Salisbury Cathedral.  There is a second copy of the Magna Carta here, so if you miss the one at the British Library you have a second chance to see it on your way over to Bath.  Unfortunately, it was closing when we got there.  There was some guy rushing around closing and locking all the doors while we rushed after him trying to see things before he locked us out.  It was just another church to the kids - they were just excited about the cool park located next to the parking lot where our car was.

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The Beginning ... London

Our Summer vacation this year began in England and ended back in Germany visiting a family from Miles' mission.  They offered face painting on the ferry ride over from France to England (what a good idea BTW) and the kids were excited to fill their time with something that was actually fun. Kenneth didn't get his face painted but he still deserves a picture because he is just cute.

Buckingham Palace
We were too late to see the changing of the guards (we spent most of our time in the Natural History Museum oohhhing and aahhhing over dinosaurs and diamonds) but we still had to come and see it, along with all the other tourists.

We then walked through James's Park where a pigeon pooped on me ... awesome!  If I hadn't been holding my sweet 3 year olds hand it wouldn't have happened.  There are just some sacrifices a mother will do for her daughter.

The girls at some random tourist gift shop.  I used to love Padington Bear!

Yup, we took the kids on the London Eye - the price is outrageous but the kids were dying to go.  For some of our kids it's one of the only things they remember about London.  I guess it was worth it right?!  It has air conditioning inside the 'capsule' and Miles stood under it almost the entire time!

St. Paul's Cathedral
This was actually pretty impressive!  And pretty!  This is where Princess Diana got married.

The kids after eating lunch, they are standing and on top of a really neat chair -- across the street is the Tower of London

Sanding in front of the entrance to the Tower of London with the Tower Bridge off to the right of us

Family shot at the Tower of London right next to where you enter to go see the crown jewels.  We HAD to get a picture in front of a guard, it's a staple when you go to London.  Right?!  Ha Ha

From the Tower of London we took a boat cruise down the Thames river to Westminster Abbey.  It was actually really nice and the kids really enjoyed it.  When we were buying our tickets to the boat cruise the guy at the ticket office asked us if we had a travel card, we said no, he added up all our kids, totalled the price ... waited ... then looked at us and said, 'Actually, I think you DO have a travel card' and gave us this HUGE discount!  Thanks London!!

Trafalgar Square
Everyone was climbing up on these lions to get their pictures taken.  Naturally, we needed to do the same and lift our kids up onto the platform to pose with the lion.

Anika trying to call Grandma and Grandpa from London ... they didn't answer and she was rather disappointed.

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