Our Family Story


16 December 2011

Visitors Welcome!

Bayreuth - Old Palace


Speinshart Monastery


Just thought I would tease our family with pictures of some of the cities that are in close proximity to our place.  If you really do come and visit you could see these awesome places!  Also, Mom and Dad (Evanson) we are seriously taking you to these places when you come out!!!  You will love them!

Grandma & Grandpa

We were extremely privileged to have these amazing people come visit us for 2 weeks.  We loved every minute of our visit!  I loved the company and all the help.  I think Kenneth loved not having to go into the carseat every two hours to go and pick someone up from school too.  I fear for this little mans head and becoming flat.  We ate tons of pastries and real German food and toured as much as possible.

3 generations ... and the two people Kenneth Christian was named after

family photo opt - and yes I am aware that I seriously look insane!

This is the amazing person that we named our baby boy after.  Miles has ALWAYS admired his father in every aspect, and in every area of his life.  To be totally cheesy but to put it plainly, Miles' hero is his father.  If our little boy could grow up to be half the man that his Grandfather is we will be incredibly blessed.  We love you Grandpa!!

(P.S. - it was so cute to see Grandpa with his name sake - I don't know how to explain it but there is already a special bond!  I loved it!)

New Traditions!!

(1)  Each December I am going to go to a Christmas Market - any Christmas market.  It could be crowded and unrealistic with our 5 kids but regardless it will be charming.  I love the atmosphere and the excitement of Christmas coming.  The kids catch the spirit and love it.  Also - the food is great!

This is our new little treasure.  When Miles was here on his mission he loved these nativities - you light the candles at the bottom and the heat from the fire spins the wind-mill top and spins the nativity around.  It is really neat and a perfect addition to our decor.  Love it!

(2) December 6th - St. Nicholas Day!
If you leave your boots or shoes out on the night of December 6th, along with carrots for his donkey or horse, St. Nicholas will come and fill them with goodies if you have been good and tree twigs/branches if you have been naughty.  The kids were so excited!!  I love how Emi and Paige got their biggest shoes in hopes to get more goodies!