Our Family Story


09 November 2013

Burfoot Park, Thurston County in Washington

Hello again Olympic Peninsula!
We joined our cousin/friend and took the kids to Burfoot Park to play at the beach, explore the shores, and collect all sorts of animals.

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Everyone was so happy!

01 November 2013

Lavender Fields in Olympia

I don't know why, but I have always wanted to go to a lavender field.  It just sounds beautiful to me.  Guess what?  There just so happens to be a lavender field 15 minutes from my new place.  We had to call ahead of time to make an appointment, but we made it happen.  

A stop in San Fran to see more family

My little brother is no longer in Utah.  He is also no longer 12 either, which is the age he was when he dressed up like a hotdog for Halloween and the age I remember him the most.  He is actually all grown up with 2 adorable little girls and living in San Fran going to Dental school.  So ... we had to visit him!!

Above is the gang standing at the base of Lombard Street, also known as the winding road.

Family Reunion Fun


Well, we haven't seen these lovely family members for over 2 years.  It was time for a family reunion in San Diego again!  California here we come!

Cesky Krumlove, the Rottenburg of the Czech Republic

This was our last little trip to the Czech Repulic ... I know sad!  I am so glad we made the effort to come, this place was incredible!  It was quite the drive out, but the scenery was beautiful and the town was so fun to explore.

Showing off the hand carved wooden chairs

Coburg and a little bit of family history

A long time ago in Coburg Germany our ancestors once lived.  Before leaving Germany we had to go and see where they lived, maybe walk where they once walked, and maybe just maybe see where they worked even.

Here is the town square.  I love a good German town square.