Our Family Story


28 February 2011

a look back on Feb.

Here is Emi as my tatoo artist ...

She got in HUGE trouble for this.  She wasn't in trouble for being creative.  She wasn't in trouble for being artsy.  She wasn't even in trouble for the mess because she cleaned it up all by herself.  She got in trouble because while she was doing this she was multi-tasking and teaching Anika how to color all over herself with markers.

Yeah, she got in HUGE trouble.

Anika still colors on herself when she gets the chance. Crayon. Pen. Marker. Food.

The girls got haircuts ... FINALLY!  I love how their eyes show what they are thinking: "That's right, take a picture of me!  I'm pretty sure that I look drop dead gorgeous right now and you should be taking pictures of me ... millions of pictures!" 

Valentine Daddy Daughter Date
Our little town/city put on an amazing Daddy Daughter evening.
Dressing up, Dinner, Dancing, Bucket full of Goodies.  What's not to love? 

When the girls came home that night they were WIRED!  They couldn't feel any more special and loved by their dad.  They absolutely loved every second of it. 

Do you see those thumbs??  Those were once an obsession.  They actually still might be but it is slowly subsiding.  For the last couple of days Anika has had her thumb nails painted ... a yucky, nasty, taste-bud killing kind of nail polish. 

The first day I seriously thought I was going to go INSANE.  Several times I almost broke down and told her to suck her thumb just to get her to stop crying/whining/screaming/yelling.  I had the worst headache.  Needless to say, it has NOT been smooth sailing.  Today at church Miles even said something about her sucking her thumb to keep her quiet.  

Last week we had a few snow days ... 2 1/2 to be exact.  The kids really enjoyed themselves:  lots of treats, lazy TV watching, sledding and several movie nights.  I seriously couldn't get Paige to come inside! As for Evan, he face planted it on the road,  poor little guy.  It looks a lot worse now than it did when it happened, scabs are way worse looking than a little blood and some red scratches.  My house continually had a heap of snow gear at the front door.

16 February 2011


  Here's to the new family blog!  I had a few crazy things happen to me that I wasn't all that comfortable with so I decided to make all my ramblings for family and close friends' only  :)  Truth be told, these little ones are whom I'm trying to protect!  Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you enjoy the new and improved blog!