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13 August 2013

Maibaum (May Pole) in Eschenbach, Germany

The first of May (erster Mai) is a big celebration in Germany.  The kids don't have school and the town gathers together in the center as they raise the May Pole.  It 's a celebration to bring in Spring and a celebration for those who labor (kind of like a Labor Day).   I actually love any reason for my little town in Germany to celebrate while I get to be a part of it and have my kids experience their culture.

This little band was the beginning of the raising of the Maibaum.  Behind them the pole is being brought up the hill in a horse drawn carriage.

The men raise it by their own strength (no cheating either, unless you count drinking a beer during it)

Almost there!!!
I have to point out all the beer bottles in the road - so typical, hee hee

My goodness I love this little town!!  Here they all are celebrating Spring!

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  1. When going through some pictures of you kids a Lone Peak, came across the May Day celebration...needless to say, the May Pole was not nearly that tall. So fun to join in the celebrations.