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23 October 2013

Another Haircut

I don't know which one I like better, the top or the bottom, the before or the after ... at least from these two pictures.   Before his haircut, when his hair was dirt, it kind of looked cool, when it was clean it looked girly.  With this new haircut he looks handsome, sophisticated, and oh so cute (still)!

I love this little boy of mine!

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  1. I guess it had been a while since I last read your blog. I love the haircut but I especially loved all the final goodbyes and moments you posted about in Germany. I totally understand how hard it was for those kids to say goodbye to their friends. Townsend and Emerson still invite their best friends from Germany to their birthday party even though we know they won't make it, of course. What a great idea to make all those "thank you" bags of cookies, such a wonderful way to say goodbye. Oh man! I miss Germany!!!