Our Family Story


19 November 2011

3 entire weeks

I have to hand it to all those amazing women who photograph newborns in such awesome ways.  You know what I'm talking about.  The pictures you can find on the internet are so precious and so sweet.  They seem to capture babies in such an innocent and beautiful way.  I seriously love all 'those' newborn pictures.

Furthermore, the tutorials on the interent about 'how to photograph a newborn' are ridiculous.  Seriously?  They make it look so easy and so fast!  Let's be honest, they are totally LYING to us!  Photographing a newborn is a TON of work and it is HARD.

These are the best ones I had ... which aren't good!  And did you see the cute little hat I bought specifically for a picture as a newborn?!  Yeah, it didn't make the cut - he screamed when I put it on him and I have no sense of style when it comes to stuff like that (ex: posing him and then getting the picture to turn out well).  I guess that is why we pay other people to take our kids pictures right?!

So ... enjoy my little man, despite the photographers flaws!  He is such a cute little guy, we all adore him.

And, YES, I have to include pictures with his siblings.  It's just too cute to resist!  I mean, come on, check out how much Evan loves his little brother!

This little girl was actually the one who started the picture taking escapade.  She hovered over Kenneth and yelled at me (right in Kenneths ear, mine you) to take a picture of her and smiled this huge smile.  Who could resist?  Not I?  If someone wants their picture taken, by golly I'll take it whether it turns out or not!

2 weeks gone by

Here's our little man after a bath.  Miles and I still can't get enough of his hair!!  Honestly I think we have to bathe him more often due to us playing with his hair and making it all greasy.  

Daily Happenings

Life with baby Kenneth ... Evan and Anika absolutely LOVE their baby brother, and whenever he makes a sound these two are right there next to him trying to see if his eyes are open.  They are both constantly saying 'he's soooo cute!'  As soon as they wake up in the morning they come into my bedroom to see the baby and to kiss and hug him.

All the kids have been so great, always trying to help with diapers and wipes and blankets, and always wanting to be close to him and hold him.

(FYI - I did wash that ratty old Peter Rabbit when I came home from the hospital with our newborn - that thing looked so infested with germs it was disgusting!  With Anika 'sharing' her rabbit with the baby there was no way I was letting that thing get near Kenneth until it had a nice long bath!)

06 November 2011

Another Grandson

Living in Germany so far away from Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins ... I have to post pictures of this little guy!  (not to mention I think I'm in trouble with the Grandma's and Grandpa's for not posting pictures earlier.  Sorry!)

With this picture you get a better idea about his hair - I mean, check it out, he has so much hair, none of my kids have ever had this much hair!  You can't help but play with it and just love it!

A New Sibling!

Yes, of course, I have to do this ... a picture of each child alone with their new baby brother!

Evan -- He has taken on the role of big brother very seriously.  It is one of the cutest things.  He loves everything about his new baby brother;  how soft his skin is, how cute his lips are, how cute his little smile is, and the way he sleeps.  Evan was rather disappointed that Kenneth didn't go straight to sleeping in his crib in Evan's room, he really wanted to have a roommate.  I have been so impressed with how much Evan loves this little guy, and how soft he is when he holds him.  When Anika was born Evan DID NOT LIKE IT ... in fact, he didn't like it for a good month or two, he would growl and grumble a LOT.  I am so grateful that Evan likes his new brother!  The last week Evan was a little sick and it killed him not to be able to hold Kenneth or touch his skin (we only let him touch his hair).

Paige- -- Our little spit-fire loves this little guy too!  Being so busy and on the move Paige takes every slow moment she can spare to sit down and hold him.  Paige loves his soft skin too, just like Evan.  The best is that Paige makes up songs to sing to him when he isn't happy.  It's cute (and a bit hilarious), with the words she comes up with.  Paige thinks he is so 'special' and with how special he is it sometimes makes her 'cry'.  She has such a tender heart, I think Kenneth is a keeper according to her.

Anika -- Yes, even Anika loves her new 'baby brother'.  In the hospital all she did was poke him ... everywhere!  When we told her that we named 'baby brother' Kenneth she looked at me, then down at the baby, and then informed us all that she was going to call him either Elephant or Ryan.  What?!  She certainly has a mind of her own!  Now that we are home from the hospital she pokes him, talks to him, sings to him, hugs him, makes sure he has his binky (rather forcefully, I might addd), makes sure he has his blanket up to his chin to keep him warm, and makes sure he knows that she is saying 'hi' to him in her sweet LOUD voice while turning his head to look directly at her so she knows he is listening.  Anika LOVES her brother and is not afraid to show it!  Sometimes I have to tell Evan and Anika to back up just a little so I can take care of him (or rescue him).  There has been no jealousy with her though and I am so grateful!  Anika is her crazy self but with added love for Kenneth.  

Oh and this week ... Daddy decided it would be a great idea to potty train her ... not such a great idea when mom is left at home with her while dad runs errands and she is scared to go #2 on the toilet so she lets out just a little at a time FIVE TIMES!!!! arg!  I was not a happy mom that day!  On a positive note - she is doing wonderful with going #1 by herself.  

Emi -- This older sister is eating this little guy up!!  Man oh man does Emi love him.  Everyday, all day, she asks if she can hold him.  When he is asleep on the couch she pulls his shirt down so she can hold his hand.  She loves to kiss him, hold him, talk to him, sing to him, and just be next to him.  Sometimes in the mornings she sneaks up to my room just so she can hold him before anyone else in the family cann.  Emi is a great helper too, always getting me a diaper or some wipes ... or helping Anika with her potty-training since I can't lift her up.  Emi definitely loves Kenneth and would do anything for him!!  I am so grateful for this little girl, my big helper!

The Man -- Little Kenneth!  How can such a small person have such a huge impact on a family?!  It is amazing how much love the kids have for him, it is so cute.  I wish this picture depicted how much hair this boy has but you can't really see it.  His hair is so much fun (that is the best way to describe it)!  We all love to play with it!  We even mess it up just so we can smooth it over like he is going to church.  I love getting to see all the different styles of 'bedhead' he can pull off whenever he sleeps.  Kenneth doesn't look like the rest of the kids - he actually has earlobes (all the other kids have my earlobes - none), he has Miles' lips and nose, and even his forehead.  Miles has the ability to crinkle his forehead.  The other kids are constantly trying to crinkle their foreheads but are unsuccessful, you either can or cannot do it.  This little man can do it!  When I first saw it happen I was so excited; I finally got my little Layton.