Our Family Story


15 August 2012

My curious little man exhausted from getting into everything, eating jar after jar of baby food, screaming when he doesn't get his way, learning how to clap, giggling at his siblings, and showing us his love by hitting us in the face.  It was too late in the afternoon for him to take a 2 hr nap so he crashed on the floor for a 20 min. recharge. I seriously LOVE sleeping babies!

07 August 2012

A weekend in Vienne, Austria

Miles and I took a weekend trip together and headed to Vienne, Austria.  We did, however, bring this sweet little guy to tag along with us.  How could we resist?  I mean look at that face and that smile?!  We had such a great trip ... a HUGE thanks to my neighbor for taking on rest of the Layton clan.  For more about our trip check out our other blog HERE.  

It was so nice not having to worry about bathroom breaks constantly, or where we were going to get our next meal when someone had a hunger meltdown, or paying half the price we usually do for a hotel room.  At the same time everywhere we went it seemed we always found something that the kids would have loved - from the roller-bladers in the park to the zoo at the Habsburg Palace - we actually do love traveling with our kiddo's.  I think I especially missed the kids when I saw a mom duck with her 5 little ducklings following her to safety. I too have 5 little ducklings  :)  

Above is the Belvedere Museum
Below is our little man trying a Belgium waffle with chocolate, strawberries and whipping cream - of course, he LOVED it!