Our Family Story


16 January 2013

Nürnberg Zoo

The kids were sick of touring cities, so we took them to the Zoo!  They were SO happy!!
I have to warn you though, there are WAY TOO MANY pictures.  This post in mostly for family - those we don't get to see very often and who don't get to see our kids and how much they have grown over the last two years.  So enjoy!

An afternoon spent in Würzburg

During Christmas break we went to .... Würzburg
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We drove out and spent the afternoon touring the residence and wandering around the city.  It is a beautiful city with so much character!  But ... it was cold and a little too crowded for my taste, you know, all that post-Christmas shopping going on.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Family & Friends!  I hope you had a great one!  We sure did!
 Our best gift?!  Finding out Miles' deployment was canceled!  They apparently had enough doctors and didn't need him to come after-all.  Many of you probably didn't even realize he was scheduled to go.  We are so grateful to be together as a family, words can't even begin to describe how grateful we are for our family during this holiday!!!  We love you all!

Christmas Eve Traditions

(Mary, Joseph, and the Donkey)

Each year growing up Miles' family acted out the Nativity Scene and had a talent show every Christmas Eve.  We decided it was time to do our own Christmas Traditions in this area ... to act out the Nativity Scene and have our own talent show.  It went pretty well, and the kids really enjoyed it!

(Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and the animals present in the stable)

(The Shepherd, with her sheep, and the Angel)

(Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, and the Wise Men bringing gifts and worshiping their Savior)


We also had hot chocolate with cinnamon rolls ... another beginning of a family tradition.  For Christmas Eve I gave the kids a new hot chocolate mug and stirring spoon from Poland.

Experiencing Christmas at the Markets in Germany





Oh, Christmas Tree!

Just keeping the tradition alive here in Germany.  Each year we go out and try to cut down our own Christmas tree.  This year we did it again!  I seriously love Christmas-time!

How about this little one mom?!