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09 September 2013

Last Ludwig Palace and a Over-the-top Rococo Church

This is yet another one of Ludwig's Palaces in Bavaria, Germany.  It was actually the one he lived in the most and is completely finished.  I really liked this Palace, I highly recommend going!  I loved the peacock room, all the mirrors, the crystal chandeliers, and the gold paint over everything.  Yeah, I could probably live here too.

When exiting the tour, and the Palace,
you end up at the back of the Palace with this view. 

A closer view - normally there would be water running down, and the brown branches shaped in arches would be all green in the Spring.  I'm sure it is beautiful!

A side view of the Palace with a statue in the center

The kids - one being serious and one being silly

Another view of the side of the Palace, but higher on the stairs

Inside the caves!!  This is where Ludwig would have Opera's and plays performed and also where exiled Wagner would come to play his music. 

A view from the top of the hill looking down at the backside of the Palace.  Again, there would normally be a fountain here.

Finally, the front of the Linderhof Palace!

If you walked out the front door of the Palace this is what you would see!  What an amazing view!

Next Stop:  An over-the-top Rococo-style Church!
Beautiful!!  Sorry, no pictures of the inside!

This is the "Church in the Meadow" or Wieskirche
Built by the Zimmermann brothers (Johann Baptist and Dominikus)

For more information go here:

(the inside has been restored, but the outside is still in the process so don't mind the construction zone)

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