Our Family Story


18 September 2013

Mini Family Photo-shoot ... Just for fun

In Bavaria the rapeseed is beautiful!!  We just had to take advantage of the beautiful yellow and the perfect lighting.  One evening we headed out to get some pictures ... dragging our company along with us, which included my sister with her four kids and grandma and grandpa.

11 September 2013

Last Soccer Game

Fussball (or soccer) in Germany is HUGE.  Everyone plays!!  It is a huge, fun, social gathering whenever there is a practice or a game.  I love that my kids got to be a part of this! 
(I also love how it looks as though my son is wearing a dress with nothing under it, Hah!)

Violin Workshop and Concert

My little girl has been going to Nuremberg (an hour drive) several days in a row, practicing the violin for 8 hours per day, falling asleep in the car on the way there and on the way back, all in the name of preparing for a violin concert.  Her very first violin concert.  Her dad was lucky enough to go but

09 September 2013

Our Anniversary

Last minute we called our AWESOME friends, asked them to watch our older kids (kept the cute little man pictured below), rented a car (since ours was already headed across the ocean) and drove out to the Netherlands to see the tulip festival in Keukenhof.  

We got to stay in this cute bed and breakfast on the border of Holland and Germany (pictured above) and got to spend the weekend of our anniversary together sightseeing.  It was fabulous!!

This little guy was the perfect addition to our afternoon in Keukenhof wandering around the beautiful tulips!  I mean, come on, who wouldn't love that face?!

Last Ludwig Palace and a Over-the-top Rococo Church

This is yet another one of Ludwig's Palaces in Bavaria, Germany.  It was actually the one he lived in the most and is completely finished.  I really liked this Palace, I highly recommend going!  I loved the peacock room, all the mirrors, the crystal chandeliers, and the gold paint over everything.  Yeah, I could probably live here too.

When exiting the tour, and the Palace,