Our Family Story


07 April 2013

Birthday Girl!

Why I love this special birthday girl!

* She has the biggest heart and is always so willing to help me when I need help
* She has the best imagination ... I LOVE listening to her playing with her siblings and/or friends
* She is now making chocolate chip cookies all on her own and does a GREAT job!
* She makes me laugh every single day with her cute, spunky personality
* I love her love for horses.  Whenever anyone in the family sees a horse we all yell her name.
* She has a crush on a different boy every couple of weeks, and she isn't embarrassed by it one bit.
* She has all the confidence in the world!
* She isn't ashamed or shy to show someone she cares about them!!
* She sticks up for those who might be getting bullied or picked on - what an inspiration to us all!
* Her goal is to read the Book of Mormon in a year and she has made so much progress.
* Just the other day on Sunday a little German girl came to church and she translated the entire lesson for her and soon they were fast friends.  She made sure the little girl felt included and loved!

Our Family Weekend in Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria

We began our tour at Mozart square.  As we were taking pictures of the square this is what my little girl was doing. My little bum in Salzburg and we hadn't even started ... it's going to be a LONG day.

My little man loves chess, and seeing these huge chess pieces made his day.

Flat Stanley came to Austria with us!  It was fun touring around with an extra friend and showing him Salzburg Cathedral.

The girls exhausted before they were rejuvenated with these delicious pretzels below

The kids handing out at the Hohensalzburg Castle

Inside is a tribute to puppets.  I'll be honest with you, some of them were a little creepy.  Our little girl was a scared of some of them so we didn't spend much time inside exploring.

The highlight of the castle and lunchtime was this little wooden unicorn.  It was priceless watching the kids from afar playing with it.  

showing Flat Stanley the view gorgeous view of Salzburg while crossing the lock bridge from the old town into the new part of town

While we were there we celebrated this little lady's birthday!  I can't believe my kids are growing up so fast.  She got a crepe for her birthday cake ... lucky girl!

04 April 2013

Ludwig's Memorial with a bit of Castle Ruins in the Mix

This was not our original plan ... I wont go into details about what happened to our original plan but lets just say motherhood never takes a vacation, even if you are on vacation.  An hour into our original trip we had to stop and never started back up again.  We searched the internet and found something fun nearby and spent the whole day exploring.

We found ourselves at Wallhalla Memorial built by Ludwig
For more information go here:
And there are a ton of pictures on our 'other blog' you can check out!

the kids running down the side of the building

My little girl showing off how she can balance

"Mom, look it's Jesus.  Take a picture!"

Playing around the outside of the Memorial some more

My little man with his awesome hair!

More playing!

I love these cute girls so much!

Next Stop, which just happened to be on the next hill, Castle Ruins!

I have a love / hate relationship with castle ruins.  I love them because of how cool looking they are, how charming they can be, and how much the kids love running around them exploring.  I hate them because I am scared to death my kids are going to fall and kill themselves somewhere.  Seriously, they scare me so much!   

With it's own little cemetery in the front

I love this little window/door with the old bricks

No railings or bars to keep one in

See what I mean about them scaring me?  See ya, baby!

Can you see my girls?  I couldn't contain them, they were all over the place

The view from the top

01 April 2013

Visiting Friends (Luxemburg & Trier)

It was a long weekend and our original plans were not going to work.  We had to do something though, we could waste our time at home.  Oh, how I love traveling!

We called our friends and headed to Luxemburg to visit them.

Our first stop was the Luxemburg American Cemetery and Memorial

Here the kids are standing in front of George S. Patton Jr. grave site
For more pictures of the cemetery check out our 'other' blog 

Then we headed into Luxemburg itself.  There are more pictures on our 'other blog', but this is a picture of the friends we went to visit.

The next day we headed to Trier, Germany

It was so nice to visit our friends and visit new sites around Europe.  
Our favorite spot - Trier!!!  We loved it!