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10 August 2013

Herrenchiemsee Castle - Another Ludwig Palace

Sometimes we do crazy 'day trips'.  We have this huge obsession that we have to do everything possible to squeeze in as much as possible before we move back to the states.  To be honest, I think in the process we are going to end up broke ... but at least we will have good memories and some amazing pictures.  We won't have any regrets though, and I would do it again in a second too!

Here we are getting ready to board the boat.  The Herrenchiemsee Palace/Castle is located on an island and in order to get there you get to ride a ferry boat out to the Palace.  Our kids LOVE boat rides!

(why do I love this little girl so much?  because she has her German boots on the wrong feet and absolutely REFUSES to switch them)

The kids checking out the ducks wading in the water below

The Crew

Can you see it?  That is where we are headed folks!

Does it remind anyone of a Palace in France?  Just outside of Paris?  Ludwig wanted a similar Palace like Versailles for his own, so he decided to have one built.  It is not complete inside, but it is still really neat to see and tour.

Those big, white, bubble type things are the fountains covered up.  It was still too early in the season for the coverings to be removed.  It is too bad, I wish we could have seen them

I love the simple pleasures of life the kids seem to find!
Of course, right?!  Why not?!

From the ferry dock you have to walk a good 1 km or so to the Palace.  On the way back we decided to take a carriage ride since it might be our last chance.  The kids loved it!!  I'm allergic to horses though, so I stayed in the way back hoping I would be alright.

Did I mention I'm also allergic to dogs?  Yup!  At least the kids had a blast, and it wasn't too bad with all that dander in the car on the way home.  This dog was loving' the excuse of getting his treat early on in their trip!  Who could blame him, I would love a tube of liver too.  Yummy!

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